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Victory Parts

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AC Acoustics

Victory Parts

( One Little Indian )

CD Album
One Little Indian re-issue ac acoustics much revered second album, Victory Parts in re-mastered form including thee extra tracks - Shoka, Violent Peep and 1994's long out of print Hand Passes Plenty- in a re-ordered track list. CD2 includes a live set, The Silver Echo & the Golden Echo - recorded live at Reading Festival in 1996.

Victory Parts is the 4th in One Little Indian's Totem Series of limited editions and deluxe reissues. All purchases of this album made through the One Little Indian store come with a 7" record sized collectors booklet featuring interviews with the Read More +


  1. Hand Passes Empty
  2. Hammerhead
  3. I Messiah am Jailer
  4. Stunt Girl
  5. Ex Quartermaster
  6. Continuity Freak
  7. Shoka
  8. High Divers
  9. Kill Zane
  10. Absent Luck Liner
  11. High Fast
  12. Violent Peep
  13. Admirals All
  14. Can't See Anything
  15. Hand Passes Plenty
  16. (Red Not Yellow)
  17. Hand Passes Empty (Live)
  18. Shoka (Live)
  19. Sister Grab Operator (Live)
  20. Stunt Girl (Live)
  21. I Messiah am Jailer (Live)
  22. Hammerhead (Live)
  23. Continuity Freak (Live)
  24. Absent Luck Liner (Live)
  25. Can't See Anything (Live)