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Army Of Me Remixes

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Army Of Me Remixes

( One Little Indian )

CD album
20 track CD album. Album of remixes and covers. All profits from this record will be donated to Unicef emergency work with children. Here are mixes that through creative force of nature unpredictably started flooding my website. I then redirected this positive wave to children who had suffered when a destructive force of nature unpredictably flooded their way.


  1. Interzone
  2. Grisbi
  3. 50 Hertz feat. Haxor Och Porr
  4. The Messengers of God
  5. Dr Syntax 'n' CB Turbo v Rivethead
  6. Dr Gunni
  7. Martin White Accordian Mix
  8. Hemp
  9. Lunamouth
  10. Bersarinplatz
  11. Baker Mix
  12. Random
  13. Atoi Conversion
  14. R. Luvbeats (The Liquid Riot Mix)
  15. Pink Battle Mash Up
  16. Army Of Klaus Remix
  17. Rise And Dawn Of Me
  18. Liliom - A(r)mour
  19. Once More' in CoF Minor - Mikhail Karikis
  20. Tour Bruce