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Dan Sartain vs The Serpientes

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Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain vs The Serpientes

( One Little Indian )

CD album
14 track CD album. Technically Dan's third album, VS The Serpientes was the first to be made widely available, originally released by superfan John Reiss (Hot Snakes, Rock From The Crypt) Swami Records and bringing the talents of the 21 year old to the world's attention!


  1. Tryin To Say
  2. P.C.B. 98
  3. I Could Have Had You
  4. Walk Among The Cobras Pt.1
  5. Cobras P.T.2
  6. Cobras P.T.3
  7. Place To Call My Home
  8. Love Is Crimson
  9. Leeches P.T.1
  10. Lonely Hearts
  11. Metropolis
  12. Auto Pilot
  13. Romance
  14. Got That Feeling