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Dictaphones Vol. 1

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Emit Bloch

Dictaphones Vol. 1

( One Little Indian )

CD album
16 track CD album. Fueled by Bloch's rapid-fire lyricism, unique guitar styling and cosmic/comic imagery, the 16 songs collected here are a tour through a wild west of eloquent grifters, talking rivers, bleeding clouds, interplanetary frontiersmen and neighborly psychopaths. Born on a cattle ranch in Utah and transplanted by his professor father to Berkeley, CA - ground zero for all things beatnik - Bloch has a rich history to draw on when creating his distinct American music.


  1. My Cabin
  2. Probububbly
  3. Middle Of Nowhere
  4. Dorothy
  5. Right Next Door
  6. Rolling Home
  7. Married Creature
  8. Aint No Two Ways
  9. Mop And Broom
  10. Trees
  11. Lost Dogs
  12. Bottom-Class Middle-Feeding Top Hat Duet
  13. Left Bag
  14. Psychology
  15. This Is Good
  16. Chequered Past