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Ten Of Swords

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Marc Carroll

Ten Of Swords

( One Little Indian )

CD Album
Proclaimed as “One of the finest debut’s in recent times” by Uncut, Marc Carroll’s debut album ‘Ten Of Swords’ remained unreleased from the time of its recording in 1999 to 2003 when industry veteran Andrew Lauder stepped in and issued it on his Evangeline label.

Ten Of Swords is 1 of 4 Marc Carroll albums rereleased as remastered, expanded editions for the first time. The collection, also including the albums ‘World On A Wire’, ‘All Wrongs Reversed’ and ‘Dust Of Rumour’, include B-sides, radio sessions, rarities, and live and previously unreleased material, providing a comprehensive chronology unavailable commercially for Read More +


  1. Idiot World
  2. Mrs. Lullaby
  3. Crashpad Number
  4. Swansong
  5. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
  6. In Silence
  7. You Saved My Life Again Last Night
  8. Falling Into Nowhere
  9. Weird Dreams
  10. Terror And Tired Eyes
  11. Crashpad Number (Radio Session)
  12. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Radio Session)
  13. Mrs. Lullaby (Radio Session)
  14. Falling Into Nowhere (Radio Session)