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Show Business

( One Little Indian )

CD album
13 track live CD album. Recorded at the Duchess of York in Leeds.


  1. A Morality Play
  2. All Mixed Up
  3. Bad Dog
  4. Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
  5. Heaven Hell
  6. Homophobia
  7. I Never Gave Up
  8. Just Look At Me Now
  9. Love Can Knock You Over
  10. Mouthful Of Shit
  11. Never Do What You Are Told
  12. Never Let Go
  13. Not The Girl I Used To Be
  14. Oxymoron
  15. Salome (Let's Twist Again)
  16. Stitch That
  17. That's How Grateful We Are
  18. The Morning After (The Night Before)
  19. This Dress Kills
  20. This Girl