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Before During After

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The Woodentops

Before During After

( One Little Indian )

CD Album
Split across 3 CDs, ‘Before During After’ marks the definitive Woodentops retrospective, comprising re-mastered versions of their two albums, ‘Giant’ and ‘Wooden Foot Cops on the Highway’, both re-mastered from the original tapes. CDs 1 & 2 also include rare unreleased material from the periods of the first two albums while CD3 collects together all manner of live, alternate and remixed versions, some aired here for the first time. Also included is lead singer Rolo McGinty’s new commentary to accompanying track lists.

Before During After is the 3rd in One Little Indian's Totem Series of limited editions and deluxe Read More +


  1. Get It On
  2. Good Thing
  3. Give It Time
  4. Love Train
  5. Hear Me James
  6. Love Affair With Everyday Living
  7. So Good Today
  8. Shout
  9. History
  10. Travelling Man
  11. Last Time
  12. Everything Breaks
  13. I want your Love
  14. Good Thing remix
  15. Travelling Man Remix
  16. Love Affair with Everyday Living (Adrian Sherwood remix)
  17. Why Why Why (Adrian Sherwood remix)
  18. Give It Time (Adrian Sherwood remix)
  19. Maybe It Won’t Last
  20. The Can Say What They Want
  21. You Make Me Feel
  22. Wheels Turning
  23. Stop This Car
  24. Heaven
  25. What You Give Out
  26. Tuesday Wednesday
  27. In A Dream
  28. Stop This Car (Ian Tregoning/Rolo Remix)
  29. Wheels Turning (Adrian Sherwood remix)
  30. In A Dream (Glastonbury 87)
  31. Keep A Knockin’ (Adrian Sherwood mix)
  32. Surely (rough mix)
  33. Pleasure
  34. You Could Be Happy
  35. Umeboshi Plum
  36. Plenty
  37. Have You Seen The Lights
  38. Move Me
  39. Well Well Well
  40. It Will Come
  41. Do It Anyway
  42. Steady Steady
  43. Plutonium Rock
  44. Get It On Live (Glastonbury 1987)
  45. Why Why Why (Balearic Re-Edit)
  46. Give It Time (Arthur Baker Dub)
  47. Tainted World (Kid Batchelor Rub)
  48. I’d Love You Again
  49. Children Of Today
  50. Conehead
  51. Don’t
  52. Everybody