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This Is The Computers

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The Computers

This Is The Computers

( One Little Indian )

12" vinyl

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11 track album. From Exeter's very own tight-knit and fertile punk scene, The Computers release This Is The Computers, their debut full-length album. Recorded in four short days in the Californian home of John Speedo Reis. It was recorded live, to tape. That means no overdubs. No computers were involved (irony). There were no tweaks, corrections or auto-tuning this is the real deal, baby. Warts and all, as Lemmy would say.


  1. Where Do I Fit In?
  2. Lovers Lovers Lovers
  3. Blood Is Thicker
  4. Hot Damnocles
  5. Cinco De Mayo
  6. Rhythm Revue
  7. Group Identity
  8. I've Got What It Takes (Part 3)
  9. Yeah Yeah Yeah But
  10. The Queen in 3D
  11. Music Is Dead