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White Night Stand

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Underground Railroad

White Night Stand

( One Little Indian )

CD album
11 track CD album. Parisians Underground Railroad return with a brand new album White Night Stand, a record that finally strikes the keynote of what the band are all about. Across its 11 songs - produced by the band in London's Stamford Hill - guitars explore and meander, circling the biggest melodies of the band's career so far. It's intense and amped, touching and subtle at points and hugely tuneful.


  1. 8 Millimetres
  2. Slumbering
  3. The Black Widow
  4. The Orchid's Curse
  5. Russian Doll
  6. Yellow Suit
  7. Ginkgo Biloba
  8. Lucky Duck
  9. Seagull Attack
  10. Traces To Nowhere
  11. Rude Awakening