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World On A Wire

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Marc Carroll

World On A Wire

( One Little Indian )

CD Album
Shunning the ‘power pop’ tag his debut had earned him, Carroll showed his willfulness, refusal formulae by exploring the soul scarred landscapes of the follow-up, ‘World On A Wire’. The album shows off Carroll’s raw exposed emotion which led to him gathering famous fans including some of his key inspirations - Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson.

World On A Wire is 2 of 4 Marc Carroll albums rereleased as remastered, expanded editions for the first time. The collection, also including the albums ‘Ten Of Swords’, ‘All Wrongs Reversed’ and ‘Dust Of Rumour’, include B-sides, radio sessions, rarities, and live and Read More +


  1. A Way Back Out
  2. Love Over Gold
  3. No Time At All
  4. Together We're Strong
  5. It Isn't Always Easy
  6. And You Are?
  7. Talk Again
  8. God's Wit
  9. Press On