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Lionsong (Choral Mix Featuring Untold) (Limited Edition Vinyl)

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Lionsong (Choral Mix Featuring Untold) (Limited Edition Vinyl)

( One Little Indian )

12" Etched Vinyl
Lionsong (Choral Mix Featuring Untold) is released in very limited quantities on single-sided etched translucent 12-inch vinyl in die-cut sleeve with MP3 download card.

"featuring the icelandic choir that was on biophilia and i edited a beat to it : an old rare song from untold called flexible : kinda always fall flat for beats like this , that have a sense of humour , slapstick and played with sticks and stones but still electronic and are no genre : not punk not house not charleston not rave ... this is one of the characters lionsong could be Read More +