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Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version) (Limited Edition Vinyl)

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Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version) (Limited Edition Vinyl)

( One Little Indian )

12" Etched Vinyl
Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version) is released in very limited quantities on single-sided etched translucent 12" vinyl in die-cut sleeve with MP3 download card.

“lotic is the one of the first musicians alejandro introduced me to autumn 2013 with piles of enthusiasm : i got immediately obsessed enjoying how always total nature he was !! the most clublike flamboyant anthems of his always seem like shrieks of beasts , dark insects and pagan birds displaying their feathers in a territorial way : a colourful celebration !! the reason why i asked him to do notget was there are certain suspension Read More +