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What Passing Bells

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Penny Rimbaud

What Passing Bells

( One Little Indian )

Hardback CD
Co-founder of '70s/'80s anarchist punk band Crass, activist, poet, novelist and philosopher Penny Rimbaud has created an album in which he faithfully recites a collection of Wilfred Owen's War Poetry (backed by jazz cellist Kate Short, and pianist, Liam Noble) in memory of the centenary of Owen's death. The album, 'What Passing Bells', will be released through One Little Indian Records on November 3rd.

Rimbaud, a veteran of avant garde performance art groups such as EXIT and Ceres Confusion, not only co-founded Stonehenge Free Festival, but he also founded (and to this day runs) the famous anarchist/pacifist open house Dial House in Essex, along with Crass Read More +